Americans spend a large portion of their lives at work and pursuing higher education. As a result, a sense of satisfaction about our professional and educational lives is a key component to well-being.

Through my Career Assessment & Consulting service, I am committed to helping clients lead happier and healthier lives. The assessment tools focus on your strengths, interests, values, and personality structure. I look forward to helping clients find their way to enriching, vibrant educational and career paths.

What is Career Assessment & Consulting? 

Grounded in psychological and career development theory, Career Assessment & Consulting is a detailed, time-limited, comprehensive service that examines one’s personality style, interests, values, and strengths to help clients find an engaging and satisfying career path. As a career consultant, I draw upon theory, utilize evidence-based assessments, and gather interpersonal data to help interpret strengths and vulnerabilities that may impact educational and career choices. This consultation service combines thoughtful and creative exploration with action-oriented strategies.

Who Can Benefit From Career Consulting & Assessment? 

  • High school students considering multiple educational avenues
  • Soon-to-be or recent college graduates who are searching for an ideal career path
  • College students who are having difficulty selecting a major
  • Mid-career professionals who are looking to make a change
  • Those who have lost a job or currently unemployed and are interested in making a career change
  • Those who are unhappy or struggling in their current jobs but are unsure why

What is the Process?

After an initial interview to review your personal history and professional background, I will select specific career-related assessment tools for you. In subsequent meetings, I will interpret the results and facilitate a guided exploration of education and career options. This process will help you to think about your style and strengths and to discover how they might be optimal to careers or educational paths you may have never considered before. You will receive copies of your test results that include potential career paths to consider as well as the education, skills, or background required for each. You will also receive specific resources and tools to help you further research these career paths. We will then work together to set personal education and/or career goals and create an action plan to help guide your transition in a timely manner.

Career Assessment & Consulting Packages

Each consultation session is 45-50 minutes in length.  The number of sessions that will be helpful to you varies depending on your individual experiences, needs, and interests. I can recommend the package that best fits your needs following a brief phone screen and discussion of your goals.

Career Assessment & Consultation Package Descriptions*:


Standard Package

This 6-session package is the standard package, utilizing the essentials of career assessment and includes:

  • Initial consultation session in which we will explore personal and professional background, current circumstances, and career goals
  • Administration, interpretation, and review results of career assessments
  • Creation of a personalized step-by-step action plan to help you find your ideal career

Comprehensive Package

This 9-session package utilizes additional career assessment tools and guided support and includes:

  • All the services listed in the 6-session package, plus
  • Use of career genograms to evaluate the impact of your personal/family work history on current career decisions
  • Assessment of your transferrable skills to help you explore new career opportunities
  •  Additional sessions to support you in carrying out your career action plan and troubleshoot as needed.


Premier Package

This 12-session package is the most thorough package to ensure ongoing support of your career search including additional skill reviews to increase job search success:

  • This package includes all the services listed in the 6- and 9-session packages, plus
  • An evaluation and discussion of your interpersonal strengths/vulnerabilities that may impact the interviewing process
  • Additional sessions to support you in carrying out your career action plan and troubleshoot as needed.
  • Resume preparation, social media management for career, and/or interview coaching.

For more information on pricing or to inquire about setting up an appointment, please call me at (512) 829-8985.

* Should you be interested in more sessions following the completion of your consultation package, additional sessions can be purchased at our regular private pay rate.