Jorie Himmel, PsyD - Licensed Psychologist

Be Seen. Be Heard. Feel Connected.


My Philosopy

I practice a relational form of psychodynamic therapy that views the therapeutic relationship as the site of potential transformation. My goal is to establish trust and create a non-judgmental space in which my patients can feel truly seen and heard. I am trained to understand my clients within the many contexts which inform their lived experiences — social, economic, racial, generational, and cultural. We will work together to identify the problems and symptoms showing up in your life, and the behaviors or patterns that might not be serving you in the way they once did.

How I Can Help You

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process that allows for the experience of being truly seen and truly heard. It deepens self-awareness and increases self-confidence, thereby making real connection outside the therapy room more possible and more fulfilling.


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